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Orange Elevators

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Elevator companies in Tamilnadu



Standard Features

  • Full Collective selective contol Auto attenant mode Automatic Rescue Device Close look control
  • Motor jammed and overheat product Direct to floor
  • Automatic homing to main landing
  • Fault self diagonostic function
  • Hall call registration and memory display
  • Door holding time(Automatic)
  • Infra red Door sensors
  • Emergency lighting
  • Emergency car lighting
  • Fault stop,self rescue
  • Next landing
  • Self rescue leveling
  • Shaft parameter self landing
  • 120 min fire rating for automatic doors
  • Eco function

Optional Features

  • Fireman operation Advance door opening Full load by-pass Overload indicator Arrival chime Intercom
  • Voice announcement system Duplex control Group controller Anti nuisance function False call